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Conservative Republican Colin Paulsen Enters Race to Unseat Senator Lee Schoenbeck in District 5
“South Dakota Deserves Better Leadership”

WATERTOWN, SD Tuesday April 05, 2022—Republican challenger Colin Paulsen announces bid against Senator Lee Schoenbeck in District 5 after session's failures and diminished decorum. Paulsen is a Watertown native, veteran, and currently serves on the Watertown City Council.

Paulsen released the following statement;

"Under the failed leadership in the Senate this year, South Dakota has been left without protections for parental rights. Workforce housing was made far too political, granting the ability to expand and have more representation in Pierre to larger cities, while small rural communities were offered high interest loans. Our most vulnerable populations have been left without job protection, and our elderly with healthcare staffing deficits, just as they need care the most. Farmers and ranchers are left without certainty as energy costs skyrocket, and voters are losing confidence in the integrity of free and fair elections. These are all issues that could have been solved by good policies—common sense legislation that should have been passed by the Senate this year. Instead, these policies were either blocked or died in committee due to a lack of decorum and statesmanship.

“We have seen far too much harassment in Pierre, emboldened by the lack of accountability, and special interest funding. South Dakota deserves better leadership. We need to focus on people over profits, and taxpayers over special interest dollars. It's time the good people of District 5 had a real choice for conservative representation in the Senate. It's time to remind the people that we work for you, the voters.

"As an engineer by training and trade, I'm focused on solutions. My petitions have been certified, and I'm fired up to serve the people of Senate District 5 and this State. I will work hard to earn your trust, your vote, and to be your voice in Pierre. As of today, I’m proud to provide that choice for voters, as I announce my candidacy.

"Under God, the people rule. May God bless South Dakota"
--Press Release

Post Date: 2022-04-05 15:58:22Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:07:07


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