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Letter To The Editor by Kenny Konechne

For 50 some years I've voted in elections and for 50 some years I've watched our country deteriorate. I've watched as the government got bigger and took more control over people's lives. Taxes and everything we need to buy to sustain our way of life has risen year after year.

Govt control of the schools like in the Communist countries, education did not teach the young people, they indoctrinated them with the wrong kind of values. I see young people who can't print or even write their name so it's readable. Just a scribble. Like no one has any pride anymore.

We elect representatives to go to Washington DC to fix our problems, to represent our interests.

Yet the debt keeps rising and our prices keep rising. We have to work more to get less, But those elected can vote in their own pay raise and they get a nice pension check when they leave. I assume the more terms they are in, the bigger that pension check gets. So like anyone trying to get rich they do everything they can to get re-elected, except fix the problems that are creating a burden on the people in their states that elected them.

My question is why do we keep electing and reelecting these kinds of people? Some have been there for 20-30-40 years. All I can see is they are filling their pockets living the high life while we struggle to get ahead. What has to change?

Common sense tells me how to fix the problem, but few have any idea of what common sense is. They have been programmed for too long by a Govt controlled education system that has dumbed America down.

The solution is simple- Don't vote for the person with the most money. The one with the most money to buy advertising always wins. If you really want change, change yourself. Vote for the person with the least amount of money. Vote for the person out walking the pavement campaigning on a shoestring budget.

There have been many good people who stepped up in the past, but because we all are too dumbed down, we chose some smooth talking professional politician because they had the most money to get their name out and had all the right answers people wanted to hear. Keep voting for the best talkers, with the most money and Kiss America Goodbye.

We need a new kind of people in Washington DC. and in our state Govt.



Good Christian people who know and practice right from wrong. People who still believe in our Constitution and abide by it. People that put America First.

Do not re-elect anyone if you do not like the shape America is in today, because they don't know how to fix it. They had their chance and failed. We don't need people above us to rule us. We need people who will listen to us and work for us.

This time might be our last chance to get it right. Change your ways of thinking.

You and I are America. Vote for people like you and I. The workers. We get stuff done. We know how to fix things.

Kenny Konechne

Editor's Note- Viewpoints expressed herein do not reflect the views of The Dakota Leader, or Staff. Do you have a letter to the Editor? Email it to us at Editor@DakotaLeader.com

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--Kenny Konechne

Post Date: 2022-05-03 10:33:52Last Update: 2022-05-03 10:49:46


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