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Letter to The Editor- A Response to Voter Suppression Article
By Patrick W. Schubert Sr

Up until 1978-1980 it was impossible for any candidates to be suppressed during the Primary Process. Any man or woman could get petitions, signatures and support and run for any office in their state. It was illegal for any party to support, endorse or fund any candidates prior to the people's Primary vote. This was a plan by BOTH parties to slowly take control of elections, have control over all candidates and ensure unfriendly candidates don't get anywhere near the General Election ballots. Their goal was almost realized, until Trump came along. His candidacy & victory helped keep the citizen politician in the fight and they are winning now! Had Hillary won the Citizen Politician would have been dragged out behind the chemical sheds...

Lawyers for the Republicans & Democrats got together and challenged what was a law in almost every state. The lawyers argued, on both sides that if the parties were not involved in the pre-primary process, the citizens would not be represented "properly". Nobody defended the People's position in this process. They used the "suppression of the Parties was unconstitutional" against the People's Right to free & fair elections. They won, and state by state these laws were removed from the books...This decision was made with a heavy liberal leaning Supreme Court. This needs to come back up in front of a Conservative Supreme Court. Currently it has led to situations like are described in 2000 Mules. States like New Jersey, New York and California have used this power to install irremovable Super Majorities. It has also led to Campaign Funding laws such as McCain-Feingold which is nothing more than a way to hide the sources of billions from hostile foreign nations that are attempting to buy candidates friendly to them and hostile to America as a whole.

This is verifiable by looking at the removed laws in the Election Laws for any state. SD lists some laws as removed and there's no access to what the law was prior to its removal. An experienced election lawyer would know what the law was.

The current Republican Party in SD is no better than the Democrats by silencing any candidates that do not subscribe to their agenda. The party has openly prevented any non-incumbent from gaining access to their membership. During my campaign the top question I got was would I bow out to minimize the challengers to Thune. No candidate would say they're quitting if they feel they are the best in the bunch. Who survives to get on the ballot is not the choice of the candidates, it is the choice of the People. Candidates should be given opportunities to debate, be questioned and interact with citizens. After January 1 when petitions are out, every county party should be having events like debates and a vote by the membership determining who gets the endorsement of each county party to be on the ballot. Currently the concept is bring the Incumbents to an event with softball questions on short notice. They protect Incumbents and deflect any and all challengers.

My campaign may be over, of my own choosing but I surely have plans for the future. I know 1 thing for sure, the top tier of the Republican party here has to be overturned. It needs to be led by people who will empower their members to be involved and be heard. I met a lot of citizens who would not join their local Republican groups because they don't trust the parties on any level and they were also not happy a portion of their dues gets divided up by national & state party groups that helped overthrow the People's choice for President. This leads to citizens who truly are Republicans registering as Independents thinking its a protest against the state's non-functioning party when in reality it prevents them from voting in the primary against candidates they feel should be removed.

There is nothing about this process that is for ensuring a government of the People, by the People or for the People... The parties are preserving, protecting and defending their stranglehold on We the People's right to a free and fair process.

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--Patrick W. Schubert Sr.

Post Date: 2022-05-11 13:54:44Last Update: 2022-05-11 13:13:53


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