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Noem Backed Primary Candidate, Caught In Scandal
Timothy R. Goodwin Caught Misleading Voters, According to Ethics Complaint

According to an ethics complaint sent to South Dakota's Secretary of State, Steve Barnett yesterday May 25, 2022, Timothy R. Goodwin has materially misled voters and violated South Dakota campaign laws.

The complaint, obtained by The Dakota Leader, states that Goodwin's campaign failed to amend his political action committee for the Senate, used false endorsements, fictitious PAC names, and has misled voters asking them to "re-elect" Goodwin who is the primary challenger to conservative republican and incumbent Senator, Julie Frye-Mueller.

According to the Secretary of State's website, Timothy Goodwin's campaign has received $5,000 from Governor Kristi Noem, via her South Dakota Strong Leadership PAC. Meanwhile, Senator Lee Schoenbeck's "South Dakota Strong PAC" has spent thousands of dollars to attack Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller this election cycle.

According to reports, Senator Lee Schoenbeck has spent hundreds of thousands to attack a faction of conservative republicans with mailers and negative ads. Meanwhile, despite denying involvement with Schoenbeck's efforts, campaign reports show that Noem has not only endorsed, but has also funded the primary opponents of the exact same faction Lee is attacking. The list includes South Dakota's most outspoken lawmakers, who previously led the efforts against vaccine mandates, state closures, CRT, and tax increases.

After reading the complaint allegations, The Dakota Leader reached out to Representative John Mills (R-Madison), to independently verify
that Goodwin had in fact misrepresented endorsements of support to potential voters . Mills tells The Dakota Leader,

"someone asked about the endorsement from me on Goodwin's website, I wasn't aware it was there. That endorsement was from a previous election. Since then, Goodwin has drifted left. I have asked him to remove it, and he has said he would."

As of today, May 26, 2022 the endorsement of Rep. John Mills has been removed.

However, the website still lists an endorsement from, "Lee Qualm, House Majority Leader, To The Voters of District 30." In a rather ironic turn of events, Lee Qualm is no longer in office, due to the same efforts currently being employed by Sen. Lee Schoenbeck during this election, that were used to replace Qualm with pharma backed shoe-in, Erin Tobin.

Qualm, who was targeted by Lee Schoenbeck via PAC-N-Heat, and the SDAHO PAC, had attack mailers sent to his home district, resulting in the loss of his election. Proving the endorsement on Timothy R. Goodwin's website to be materially false, per the ethics complaint filed.

Last election, Schoenbeck was able to replace six conservative lawmakers with a mere $30,000 and cleverly worded attack mailers. However, Schoenbeck has more money at his disposal to "reshape the legislature," this campaign cycle.

Campaign finance reports show that Schoenbeck's
"South Dakota Strong PAC" has spent $138,000 dollars this election to continue his efforts of removing republicans like Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller, Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch (R-Mobridge), Rep. Fred Deutsch (R-Florence), and Rep. Tom Pischke (R-Dell Rapids), and many others that appeared on Gov. Noem and Lee Schoenbeck's "hit-list."



The Full Campaign Ethics Violation Report-

"Campaign Finance Reporting Complaint Against Candidate for District 30 Senate, Timothy R. Goodwin

"I, Toni E. (Tonchi) Weaver, a resident and registered voter in South Dakota, do swear that to the best of my knowledge on this day, May 25, 2022, that the following statements are accurate and true. I submit to the Secretary of State a formal challenge to Republican candidate Timothy R. Goodwin for violations of SDCL§12-27 and urge the Secretary of State and South Dakota Attorney General to levy appropriate civil and/or criminal penalties as provided in SDCL §12- 27-29.1, and I offer these facts in support of my challenge:

"Fact #1 Candidate Timothy R. Goodwin is acting as Treasurer for his own campaign organization known as “Timothy R. Goodwin”. The committee known as “Timothy R. Goodwin” is the sole active committee for candidate Goodwin on the South Dakota Secretary of State website as of 1:32pm MDT on May 21, 2022. (Evidence: Screen capture)

"Fact #2 Candidate committee known as “Timothy R. Goodwin” has never been amended or corrected to indicate that the candidate is seeking the office of Senate in District 30. The last filed statement of the committee indicates that the committee is for the purpose of seeking the office of Representative. (Evidence- Screen capture)

"Fact #3 On March 1, 2022, candidate Timothy R. Goodwin filed with the Secretary of State an adequate number of signatures on petitions to nominate him as a candidate for State Senate in District 30. He failed, however, to file a new committee or to amend or correct the existing committee as seeking the office of Senator. (Evidence: copies of petitions)

"Fact #4 Candidate Goodwin has to date purchased billboards and campaign ads and mailed campaign flyers that bear ‘paid for by’ statements for non-existent committees. These fictitious committees include: #1 - ‘Paid for by Goodwin for Senate” #2 - “Paid for by Goodwin District 30” #3 - “Paid for by Goodwin 4 District 30” #4 - “Paid for by Tim R. Goodwin” (Evidence, photographs and hard copies)

"Fact #5 Candidate Timothy R. Goodwin maintains a website at www.timrgoodwin.com that asks potential voters visiting the site to: “Re-Elect Tim R. Goodwin, June 7, 2022 South Dakota State Senate – District 30”

"This is false and misleads potential voters to believe that Timothy R. Goodwin is the Senate incumbent when in fact he is the challenger to the current incumbent. He is currently an elected Representative in the House of Representatives. (Evidence: Screen capture)

"Fact #6 Candidate Timothy R. Goodwin lists testimonial endorsements on the same website that appear to be endorsements from an entirely different race. They include-

#1 Endorsement Pete Burkett, Custer County states that “Tim is the current state legislative representative for District 30 and he is running for re-election”. Mr. Burkett does not indicate that the candidate is running for the Senate.

#2 Endorsement Jacob Wilts, a former intern for the Republican Party House of

Representatives in 2019. Mr. Wilts states that he is “...writing this letter in support of the re- election of Representative Tim Goodwin.” It is obvious that this was an endorsement written for the 2020 primary election.

#3 Endorsement John Mills, Representative District 4, titled his statement “Re-Elect Tim Goodwin – District 30 – House”. This is clearly from a previous race and not an endorsement for the Senate. Note: Representative John Mills is currently running in District 8 and no longer represents District 4. A phone call to Representative John Mills May 25, 2022 confirms that no endorsement for District 30 Senate was made by him.

"#4 Endorsement Representative Lee Qualm, House Majority Leader makes the statement that Representative Goodwin served as a Majority Whip “for the last two years”, but Representative Goodwin has currently served a total of four years as a Majority Whip. Qualm’s statement also encourages people to “...vote for Tim Goodwin in the June 2nd primary.” That was the primary election date in 2020, and Lee Qualm was defeated in the 2020 June primary, so this, too, is a bogus endorsement. A phone call to Lee Qualm May 25, 2022 affirms that no endorsement for District 30 Senate was made by him. (Evidence: Screen captures)

"Fact #7 Candidate Timothy R. Goodwin’s campaign material and website gives the official government email address of Representative Goodwin – Tim.goodwin@sdlegislature.gov for campaign contact information even though the campaign organization lists a non-government gmail address. (Evidence: Photographs, Screen captures, Hard copies)

"Fact #8 Candidate Timothy R. Goodwin lists the House Lobby phone number (605-773-3851) as the contact number for the candidate making LRC employees de facto campaign assistants. (Evidence: Screen captures)

"Fact #9 A Pre-Primary campaign finance disclosure report for a non-existent legislative candidate committee named “Goodwin for Senate” was filed May 23, 2022 under the committee named “Timothy R. Goodwin”. The candidate name is different from the candidate’s name as it appears on the ballot. The candidate’s committee email address provided is an official email address: Tim.goodwin@sdlegislature.gov

"Fact #10 Not all PAC donations listed on page 6 of the fictitious “Goodwin for Senate” disclosure that SOS attributed to “Timothy R. Goodwin” are verifiable. A crosscheck of the PAC reports shows that PACs report donations made to the following campaign committees: “Timothy R. Goodwin” (existing); “Goodwin 4 District 30” (fictitious); “Timothy Goodwin for Senate – District 30” (fictitious); Goodwin for SD Senate” (fictitious); “Timothy Goodwin” (fictitious) and “Tim Goodwin” (fictitious). March 25, 2022

"AMENDED TO ADD-Fact #11 Candidate Timothy R. Goodwin used the official State Seal of South Dakota on the same campaign website where he asked for voters to “re-elect” him to the Senate. This is unauthorized use of a state symbol. (Evidence: Screen captures) "Remedy- The Secretary of State and South Dakota Attorney General must take immediate and appropriate action.

Dated May 26, 2022"

The implications of these violations, under South Dakota State law, could disqualify Goodwin from the election, should SOS Barnett pursue the charges. Weaver however, says she is doubtful that Secretary of State Steve Barnett will do anything about the violations.

Editor's Note- A previous version of this article stated that Lee Qualm had lost re-election in the House. It has been updated as of 10pm central, May 26, 2022 with the accurate information.

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--Breeauna Sagdal- Health and Policy Journalist for The Dakota Leader

Post Date: 2022-05-26 12:24:55Last Update: 2022-05-27 14:41:54


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