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“Vote YES on Amendment C – 2022”
Letter to The Editor By John Mills, Representative District 4 (candidate for District 8 House)

During this primary campaign season the question I have heard most is “What is up with Amendment C?” People are confused. I agree the ads we hear are confusing.

For me there are 3 reasons to vote YES on Amendment C:

First – the legislature voted in support of this amendment and put it on the ballot. Why? Legislators recognize that out-of-state money has increasingly been used to influence, confuse and manipulate voters, and so they approved this measure as an additional safeguard to help keep taxes low.

Second – The proposed change makes it harder to raise taxes. The Title of the act says what we need to know. It reads; ”A Constitutional Amendment Requiring Three-Fifths Vote for Approval of Ballot Measures Imposing Taxes or Fees or Obligating over $10 Million.” That’s pretty simple. If approved, Amendment C would require 60% of voters to pass a new tax or fee. We already have higher thresholds like this to raise taxes for a school or municipal bond, and we have an even higher bar, requiring a 67% vote of legislators, to raise a tax or fee. It makes sense to have that same protection for other taxes and fees that can be voted on.

Third – The old adage “follow the money” says a lot on this one. Finance reports just became public this past week. They show that the 'vote no' contributors are a handful of organizations from Washington DC, and large non-profit corporations who contributed a combined total of $1.5 Million. Money they have been using to flood the airwaves and fill our mailboxes in an attempt to confuse us. Isn’t it interesting that these groups, who want it as easy as possible to raise taxes in South Dakota – don’t pay taxes in South Dakota?!!

I hope you will join me and vote YES on Amendment C.

--Rep. John Mills (R-Madison)

Post Date: 2022-06-01 15:06:59Last Update: 2022-06-01 15:44:32


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