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CDC Exodus After CV-19, Now Harming LGBTQ Community As Monkey Pox Spreads
“Blame Health Authorities for Monkeypox Spread, Not Queer Men”

A mass exodus at the CDC, and even the FDA are fueling concerns for the LGBTQ community as monkey pox rates increase. According to Dr Marty Makary M.D., M.P.H. and Tracy Beth Høeg M.D., Ph.D., doctors and scientists at the top levels of the NIH, FDA and CDC are frustrated, exasperated and alarmed about the direction of the agencies, to which they have devoted their careers.

Top level doctors and scientists at the NIH, and CDC are complaining of low morale and lower staffing. From a recently published Substack article by Doctors Høeg and Makary,

"The NIH’s Vaccine Research Center has had many of its senior scientists leave over the last year, including the director, deputy director and chief medical officer. 'They have no leadership right now. Suddenly there’s an enormous number of jobs opening up at the highest level positions,' one NIH scientist told us. (The people who spoke to us would only agree to be quoted anonymously, citing fear of professional repercussions.)"

Burn out and low morale within U.S regulatory agencies are now hampering proper education, testing and vaccine availability, which many are saying has a direct and negative impact upon the LGBTQ community.

According to Dr. Anne Rimoin, an epidemiologist with UCLA, the "outbreak of Monkey Pox in the U.S was completely avoidable, but warning signs were ignored", she told NPR in a recent interview.

For those
aware of the AZT scandal, and Dr Anthony Fauci's sordid history of profits over people, it might come as no surprise that the same NIH, and CDC that authorized the use of minority foster children in Washington Heights, Boston, for medical experimentation, has yet again failed to protect marginalized communities.

on the heels of Pride Month, infections are popping up across the U.S..

According to the South Dakota Department of Health, the first case of Monkey Pox has been confirmed on July 14, 2022. Though the state is not disclosing exactly where the individual is from, or how he came into contact with the virus, the state did disclose that the individual is male, in his 30's and from eastern South Dakota.

State epidemiologist, Dr. Josh Clayton stated in a recent press release,

“The number of monkeypox cases has grown substantially over the past two months in the U.S. and globally." Adding that, “prompt identification of the characteristic monkeypox rash by patients and clinicians is necessary to curb the transmission of this virus, although more cases are anticipated before the number of new cases slows.”

While anyone can get Monkey Pox,
cases have occurred disproportionately in the gay community, amongst gay and bi-sexual men.



Outrage, concerns and frustrations are being expressed within the LGBTQ+ community, as testing capabilities and vaccine supplies are limited.

Trevor Hoppe, who writes for Michigan based Pride Source,
stated in a July 13, 2022 op-ed,

"As it was for so many epidemics before this one, it seems like queer men are left holding the bag to fend for ourselves. And to be clear, nearly everyone contracting monkeypox right now is gay, bisexual, or a man who has sex with men (MSM). A recent report out of England showed that 151 out of 152 of the men interviewed with the disease were MSM. That doesn’t mean that the disease is “gay” or even that it is sexually transmitted — it means that the disease is spreading rapidly through our sexual networks."

This is only the most recent failing within our regulatory agencies, strained after what top scientists refer to as "the mishandling of COVID-19." The exodus of top scientists and doctors is leaving a vacuum in place of public health, now more concerned with what is politically appealing, rather than what is accurate or correct. Experts are expressing frustrations that education within the LGBTQ community, is taking a back seat to concerns over stigma, and political correctness.

In New York City, where the virus is spreading fastest,
NYC Council Member Erik Bottcher stated “This is yet another example of a public health failure. And consider what we just went through with COVID-19, we should be much more prepared.” Bottcher also criticized the CDC, saying it is failing the LGBTQ population, and the city of New York.

According to Dr. Marty Makary, who is a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the author of The Price We Pay, and a medical advisor to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, and Dr. Tracy Beth Høeg, an epidemiologist affiliated with The Florida Department of Health, colleagues used to be proud to say they worked at the CDC, now they're just embarrassed.

Dr Markary, and Dr Høeg share that officials complain their heads of agencies are using weak and flawed data to make critically important public health decisions. Decisions, they say are "being driven by what’s politically palatable to people in Washington or to the Biden administration," with a "myopic focus on one virus, instead of overall health.”

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--Breeauna Sagdal- Editor and Health Policy Journalist for The Dakota Leader

Post Date: 2022-07-20 09:10:06Last Update: 2022-07-20 08:53:59


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