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Gov. Noem Challenges Smith's Political Capital
Playing Politics with Life

Current Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, may have used the issue of abortion to challenge her November opponent. Representative Jamie Smith (D- Sioux Falls), who is running against Noem this November, recently held a press conference ahead of a July 24, 2022 scheduled special session, to share legislative concepts from the Democratic party. Although Noem cancelled the special session on Friday, July 15, it is believed that her administration was made aware of her opponent's intentions for the following Monday. Now insiders are speculating that Noem is playing politics with life, by placing the matter of a special session, firmly in the hands of the Democratic party.

During the press conference, Smith described Democratic party policy proposals as, “common-sense solutions” with “bi-partisan support.” It's now rumored, within political circles, that Noem has cancelled the special session in order to challenge Smith's ability to unify both sides of the aisle.

If Democrats and Republicans unite behind Smith, and wish to hold a special session, the legislature can call a special session any time between now and November 1, 2022. Smith would also need to unify bicameral leadership support, gaining two-thirds vote in the House and Senate. If successful of convincing his peers to call a special session, Smith could prove impressive leadership skills to voters.

The State Constitution under Article 3, Section 31 - allows for the South Dakota Legislature, giving to it, the authority to call forth a special session anytime it so chooses to discuss matters public interest.

"Convening of special sessions upon petition. In addition to the provisions of Article IV, § 3, the Legislature may be convened in special session by the presiding officers of both houses upon the written request of two-thirds of the members of each house. The petition of request shall state the purposes of the session, and only business encompassed by those purposes may be transacted."



As reported by Dakota News reporter Kesia Cameron, regarding the press conference held on July 18, the South Dakota Democrat Party made several bold statements.

“We are also willing and able to work with our Republican colleagues to find common ground on these issues,” said Smith, as he released the legislative concepts House Democrats planned to submit during the special session. Further adding, “Among them, tax cuts for foster families and child care providers, funding for maternal health care, and proposed exceptions for rape and incest in South Dakota’s new trigger law.”

These statements run contrary to Noem's public policies to preserve, and protect the life of the unborn. Smith's vision for South Dakota also runs contrary to fiscally conservative principles of keeping taxes low, an issue that some say is at least honest.

"You might completely disagree with Jamie, but at least you know exactly where he stands, and exactly what you're going to get," an insider disclosed to The Dakota Leader.

The Democrat Party of South Dakota has now boldly placed itself out front and center, disclosing full intentions to take on the fights for legal Abortion, Medicaid Expansion, and Social Services as their leading issues.

Representative Linda Duba, a rising star within the South Dakota Democrat Party, stated

“This is not a political issue, this is a people issue. It doesn’t matter where you sit on both sides of the aisle, this is a major concern that we’ve had, one of our, our bodily autonomy rights taken away and we have no exceptions, other than the health of the mother and that is not very clearly defined.”

However, with Kristi Noem's strong position of maintaining women's rights in the work place, to protecting females in the bathroom and in sports, this fight for women's rights will ultimately boil down to ideological lines this November. For now, it remains to be seen if Smith has the political clout to unify both parties and both chambers of the legislature, needed to govern this state.
--Mike Zitterich

Post Date: 2022-07-22 12:12:47Last Update: 2022-07-22 10:55:31


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