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Freedom Caucus Works to Debunk Spin on UCC Law

Pierre, S.D. (March 23, 2023) – A fight over an update to South Dakota’s commercial law, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), has heated up since the veto of the UCC update, HB 1193, by Governor Noem, with some pushing to override the veto this coming Monday, March 27.

Now the South Dakota Freedom Caucus is pushing back against what they call “disinformation efforts to mislead our colleagues,” and today released a publication called “Debunking the Spin on the UCC Updates” with hopes to set the record straight.

“It’s unfortunate that this can’t be an honest debate on the issue,” said Freedom Caucus Treasurer Representative Tina Mulally, “the people pushing for this have stooped to name calling, instead of attacking the issue - and that is the redefinition of money and what that means for everyday people.”

The 7-page document released by the Freedom Caucus today lists twenty arguments made by advocates for the UCC updates, that according to the Freedom Caucus “are designed to mislead the public on this issue.”

“We want to discuss the facts,” said Freedom Caucus Treasurer Representative Tina Mulally, “and the fact is, the UCC update redefines money, cementing that definition to include a central bank digital currency as a currency under this law, while eliminating other currencies that are available.”

Proponents of the UCC update have said that the Freedom Caucus, along with the South Dakota Governor, Florida's Governor, Congressman Warren Davidson, Glenn Beck and over a dozen conservative national organizations, are spreading what they call “misinformation.” But the Freedom Caucus rebuffs that allegation, claiming that they’re only, “quoting the authors of this legislation and what they’ve said about this new definition,” said Freedom Caucus Chair Representative Aaron Aylward.

The South Dakota Legislature will reconvene this coming Monday, to reconsider the UCC update, along with other bills, and can override the Governor’s objections if they get a two-thirds vote to do so.

“We’re not backing down,” said Representative Aylward, “we’re taking a stand to support our Governor and her veto of this dangerous legislation.”

Read press release online here.

--South Dakota Freedom Caucus

Post Date: 2023-03-23 10:26:06Last Update: 2023-03-23 14:31:13


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