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Letter To The Editor “RE- Scorecard Warning”
Submitted by Ken Delfino of Keystone

Lee Schoenbeck’s concern over an organization’s “scorecard,” that ranks him where he belongs, based on its beliefs is quite interesting. The South Dakota Citizens for Liberty (CFL) was created in 2011, along with hundreds of other Tea Party organizations to counter the actions of the Obama administration and keep an eye on government at all levels.

Schoenbeck’s inference that the CFL scorecard is tantamount to “voter fraud,” is a fraudulent statement in of itself.

The CFL scorecard was created to show the voting constituents (plus the pathetic 68% who don’t vote) how their lawmakers vote on issues that match the Mission Statement of South Dakota Citizens for Liberty. Contrary to the belief of many, it is not a popularity contest. If that’s called ‘cherry-picking’ then so be it. The bills change, but CFL’s Mission Statement has not.

If one does not like the CFL scores, then I suggest that you check the American Conservative Union scorecard, which grades all elected officials in every state.

Schoenbeck closes with credit to the governor. However, when will she publicly credit the 50 House representatives who trounced HB 1297 in 2020 in which SHE wanted state closure authority passed off to the HSS secretary...an unelected official?

--Ken Delfino

Post Date: 2022-08-11 00:34:18Last Update: 2022-08-11 00:48:29


“Countering bigotry is good, preventing it is better”
Press-Release Council on American Islamic Relations

In 2021, CAIR received the highest number of civil rights complaints in our history. Fighting these violations in court is important, but that's not enough. We must prevent them from happening in the first place.

That’s why our mission to build understanding between communities, encourage civic engagement, and advocate for policy change is so critical. The results of the midterm elections and new laws passed by political leaders may have long-lasting effects on our lives as Americans.

Your voice matters. We are standing united in defense of faith and freedom alongside friends of all faith backgrounds. As we build our future together, we’re grateful to have you walking alongside us.

Thank you for standing with CAIR to advance justice for all Americans and people around the world, insha Allah.

With thanks,

Your CAIR team

--CAIR- Re-published by The Dakota Leader with Permission

Post Date: 2022-07-15 08:16:50Last Update: 2022-07-16 09:01:38


“Vote YES on Amendment C – 2022”
Letter to The Editor By John Mills, Representative District 4 (candidate for District 8 House)

During this primary campaign season the question I have heard most is “What is up with Amendment C?” People are confused. I agree the ads we hear are confusing.

For me there are 3 reasons to vote YES on Amendment C:

First – the legislature voted in support of this amendment and put it on the ballot. Why? Legislators recognize that out-of-state money has increasingly been used to influence, confuse and manipulate voters, and so they approved this measure as an additional safeguard to help keep taxes low.

Second – The proposed change makes it harder to raise taxes. The Title of the act says what we need to know. It reads; ”A Constitutional Amendment Requiring Three-Fifths Vote for Approval of Ballot Measures Imposing Taxes or Fees or Obligating over $10 Million.” That’s pretty simple. If approved, Amendment C would require 60% of voters to pass a new tax or fee. We already have higher thresholds like this to raise taxes for a school or municipal bond, and we have an even higher bar, requiring a 67% vote of legislators, to raise a tax or fee. It makes sense to have that same protection for other taxes and fees that can be voted on.

Third – The old adage “follow the money” says a lot on this one. Finance reports just became public this past week. They show that the 'vote no' contributors are a handful of organizations from Washington DC, and large non-profit corporations who contributed a combined total of $1.5 Million. Money they have been using to flood the airwaves and fill our mailboxes in an attempt to confuse us. Isn’t it interesting that these groups, who want it as easy as possible to raise taxes in South Dakota – don’t pay taxes in South Dakota?!!

I hope you will join me and vote YES on Amendment C.

--Rep. John Mills (R-Madison)

Post Date: 2022-06-01 15:06:59Last Update: 2022-06-01 15:44:32


South Dakota State Senator Sends Letter To SD 25 Constituents, Disclosing Lisa Rave’s Conflicts of Interest
Urging Voters To Follow The Money...

A letter was sent to the republican voters of South Dakota's district 25, which sits just outside of Sioux Falls. State Senator Marsha Symens (R-SD25), discloses that the conflicts of interest for candidate Lisa Rave, and her familial ties to the pharmaceutical industry are too immense for her to remain silent.

Political insiders tell The Dakota Leader that the state's response to COVID-19 has likely placed a sizable target on the faction of lawmakers who fought to uphold the rights' of the people, during the pandemic restrictions. Representative Tom Pischke (R-Dell Rapids), is one of those lawmakers who spoke out, loudly protesting lock-downs, while aiding efforts to keep South Dakota open. Pischke now faces off with a well funded Lisa Rave, for the Senate seat of district 25. Senator Marsha Symens outlines Rave's familial ties, and funding sources in the letter below, obtained by The Dakota Leader for publication.

The letter is published in full, and reads as follows;

"Greetings My Fellow District 25 Republicans,

"Due to the many misleading mailings we have received regarding the candidates, I felt compelled to share with you what I know regarding the candidates running for the Senate in the upcoming June 7th primary. It is why I ran for office in the first place.

"In August 2020, I was asked to run for the Senate seat vacated by Sen. Langer's resignation because the "establishment-picked replacement" posed an enormous conflict of interest; that replacement's husband and son are lobbyists in Pierre.

"The replacement was to be Lisa Rave - a solid voice for BIG healthcare / BIG pharmacy organizations and all the lobbyists.

"Instead, the nominating committee selected me as the better candidate. It is election time and Lisa Rave is running again. Only this time, you, the voters of District 25, get to have your say in voting for the candidate you deem better suited to represent us which is why I am writing to you. You need to know what she is not telling you.

"There are several legislators who have their hearts in the right place, and want to represent the citizens of our great state. Lisa Rave, however, has not been forthcoming as to her connections in Pierre to SDAHO (South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations) which employs her husband, while her son lobbies for Sanford. The former Senator/Representative husband turned lobbyist could improperly influence Lisa Rave regarding legislation that impacts their industry. Will Lisa Rave vote for the best interests of people of our district, or for the best interests of the industry that her family lobbies for?

"The conflicts of interest posed by Lisa Rave are too immense to remain silent.

"Also, the two lobbyists, the father/son duo, have worked hard to kill legislation that would protect children from dangerous gender altering procedures and hormone blockers. They have also lobbied against legislation that would protect against vaccine and mask mandates.

"Tim Rave and their son, Mitch, lobby for the financial interests of the medical institutions in our state, not the best interest of its residents.

"We also received a postcard calling for the "draining of the swamp". The irony of that card is that it targeted four legislators; two being freshmen legislators. In my opinion, the swamp consists of career politicians which funded and created those negative mailers.

"Due to redistricting, District 25 changed dramatically, combining 5 sitting legislators into one district. This was an attempt to push out solid Conservative legislators that do not vote the way the establishment would like. We need a strong candidate to beat a well-funded ($33,000 at present), highly powerful group behind the push for the lobbyist's wife. That same group wants to silence the legislators who do not feel the government should be able to force you to wear a mask, force you to take a vaccine, and vote to spend your hard-earned taxpayer dollars on every pet project that the lobbyists want.

"What I know about Heinneman and Crisp is limited. They have been in the legislature before and decided to run again. Check out their voting records to see if they are the candidate for you.

"Currently, Tom Pischke is the incumbent who voted for your freedoms to prevent mask and vaccine mandates. He voted against proposed legislation that would have locked down the State. He supports the Convention of States resolution to impose term limits on Congress; he fully supports our 2nd Amendment rights; and fights hard for the communities in our District. Tom has “A” ratings from Family Heritage Alliance Action, Americans for Prosperity, South Dakota Gun Owners Association and the National Rifle Association. He also boasts a perfect 100% voting record from South Dakota Right to Life for his entire Legislative career in the House. On top of that, he has one of the most Conservative voting records in the entire Legislature according to South Dakota Citizens for Liberty and American Conservative Union. I am asking you to be informed of your choice of representation, as it matters more than ever.

"Tom Pischke has my support because I know him to be a conservative voice for the citizens of our district and our state. Join me and get out and vote June 7th.

"Best Regards,

"Senator Marsha Symens

"Paid for by Marsha Symens for Senate. Not paid for at taxpayer expense."

--Senator Marsha Symens (R-SD25)

Post Date: 2022-06-01 14:12:00Last Update: 2022-06-01 15:06:59


Letter to The Editor- A Response to Voter Suppression Article
By Patrick W. Schubert Sr

Up until 1978-1980 it was impossible for any candidates to be suppressed during the Primary Process. Any man or woman could get petitions, signatures and support and run for any office in their state. It was illegal for any party to support, endorse or fund any candidates prior to the people's Primary vote. This was a plan by BOTH parties to slowly take control of elections, have control over all candidates and ensure unfriendly candidates don't get anywhere near the General Election ballots. Their goal was almost realized, until Trump came along. His candidacy & victory helped keep the citizen politician in the fight and they are winning now! Had Hillary won the Citizen Politician would have been dragged out behind the chemical sheds...

Lawyers for the Republicans & Democrats got together and challenged what was a law in almost every state. The lawyers argued, on both sides that if the parties were not involved in the pre-primary process, the citizens would not be represented "properly". Nobody defended the People's position in this process. They used the "suppression of the Parties was unconstitutional" against the People's Right to free & fair elections. They won, and state by state these laws were removed from the books...This decision was made with a heavy liberal leaning Supreme Court. This needs to come back up in front of a Conservative Supreme Court. Currently it has led to situations like are described in 2000 Mules. States like New Jersey, New York and California have used this power to install irremovable Super Majorities. It has also led to Campaign Funding laws such as McCain-Feingold which is nothing more than a way to hide the sources of billions from hostile foreign nations that are attempting to buy candidates friendly to them and hostile to America as a whole.

This is verifiable by looking at the removed laws in the Election Laws for any state. SD lists some laws as removed and there's no access to what the law was prior to its removal. An experienced election lawyer would know what the law was.

The current Republican Party in SD is no better than the Democrats by silencing any candidates that do not subscribe to their agenda. The party has openly prevented any non-incumbent from gaining access to their membership. During my campaign the top question I got was would I bow out to minimize the challengers to Thune. No candidate would say they're quitting if they feel they are the best in the bunch. Who survives to get on the ballot is not the choice of the candidates, it is the choice of the People. Candidates should be given opportunities to debate, be questioned and interact with citizens. After January 1 when petitions are out, every county party should be having events like debates and a vote by the membership determining who gets the endorsement of each county party to be on the ballot. Currently the concept is bring the Incumbents to an event with softball questions on short notice. They protect Incumbents and deflect any and all challengers.

My campaign may be over, of my own choosing but I surely have plans for the future. I know 1 thing for sure, the top tier of the Republican party here has to be overturned. It needs to be led by people who will empower their members to be involved and be heard. I met a lot of citizens who would not join their local Republican groups because they don't trust the parties on any level and they were also not happy a portion of their dues gets divided up by national & state party groups that helped overthrow the People's choice for President. This leads to citizens who truly are Republicans registering as Independents thinking its a protest against the state's non-functioning party when in reality it prevents them from voting in the primary against candidates they feel should be removed.

There is nothing about this process that is for ensuring a government of the People, by the People or for the People... The parties are preserving, protecting and defending their stranglehold on We the People's right to a free and fair process.

Help Support Community Journalism... DONATE TODAY!

--Patrick W. Schubert Sr.

Post Date: 2022-05-11 13:54:44Last Update: 2022-05-11 13:13:53


Letter To The Editor by Kenny Konechne

For 50 some years I've voted in elections and for 50 some years I've watched our country deteriorate. I've watched as the government got bigger and took more control over people's lives. Taxes and everything we need to buy to sustain our way of life has risen year after year.

Govt control of the schools like in the Communist countries, education did not teach the young people, they indoctrinated them with the wrong kind of values. I see young people who can't print or even write their name so it's readable. Just a scribble. Like no one has any pride anymore.

We elect representatives to go to Washington DC to fix our problems, to represent our interests.

Yet the debt keeps rising and our prices keep rising. We have to work more to get less, But those elected can vote in their own pay raise and they get a nice pension check when they leave. I assume the more terms they are in, the bigger that pension check gets. So like anyone trying to get rich they do everything they can to get re-elected, except fix the problems that are creating a burden on the people in their states that elected them.

My question is why do we keep electing and reelecting these kinds of people? Some have been there for 20-30-40 years. All I can see is they are filling their pockets living the high life while we struggle to get ahead. What has to change?

Common sense tells me how to fix the problem, but few have any idea of what common sense is. They have been programmed for too long by a Govt controlled education system that has dumbed America down.

The solution is simple- Don't vote for the person with the most money. The one with the most money to buy advertising always wins. If you really want change, change yourself. Vote for the person with the least amount of money. Vote for the person out walking the pavement campaigning on a shoestring budget.

There have been many good people who stepped up in the past, but because we all are too dumbed down, we chose some smooth talking professional politician because they had the most money to get their name out and had all the right answers people wanted to hear. Keep voting for the best talkers, with the most money and Kiss America Goodbye.

We need a new kind of people in Washington DC. and in our state Govt.



Good Christian people who know and practice right from wrong. People who still believe in our Constitution and abide by it. People that put America First.

Do not re-elect anyone if you do not like the shape America is in today, because they don't know how to fix it. They had their chance and failed. We don't need people above us to rule us. We need people who will listen to us and work for us.

This time might be our last chance to get it right. Change your ways of thinking.

You and I are America. Vote for people like you and I. The workers. We get stuff done. We know how to fix things.

Kenny Konechne

Editor's Note- Viewpoints expressed herein do not reflect the views of The Dakota Leader, or Staff. Do you have a letter to the Editor? Email it to us at Editor@DakotaLeader.com

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--Kenny Konechne

Post Date: 2022-05-03 10:33:52Last Update: 2022-05-03 10:49:46


Patriot Ripple Effect To Host, "CHIT CHAT". An Effort to Humanize The Issues, Eliminate Nerves and Bridge The Gap Between Elected Officials, Candidates and Constituents.
Press Release Submitted by Patriot Ripple Effect

SIOUX FALLS, SD-This political season has brought a new, unexpected and growing list of candidates. From the senate to state delegates, to South Dakota’s State-wide offices—one local grass-roots organization is helping everyday citizens to connect with dozens of candidates this election.

The Patriot Ripple Effect, a Sioux Falls based grass-roots organization, is hosting Chit Chat- A Relaxed Evening with South Dakota Legislators and Candidates. The event will be held Thursday, April 28th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the South Dakota Heritage Military Alliance in Sioux Falls.

“Before this year, I was like many people. I did my duty and voted but didn’t really pay attention to how my Legislators and other elected officials voted in Pierre. I thought it was fine to trust the party label and take elected officials at their word," said Sioux Falls resident Chris David. “I have since learned that’s not the case, but I was intimidated to talk to my legislators. Now, I’m learning there are a lot of true South Dakota values people who are stepping up to run. Whether current or new to the election, many are my neighbors and I’m getting more comfortable reaching out to them."



The Patriot Ripple Effect Chit Chat event is working to alleviate those fears and build a connection between voters and candidates. The grass-roots organization believes good, healthy conversations encourage a constitutionally strong, healthy, local government for the great state of South Dakota.

The Chit Chat event will be held from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at The Alliance in Sioux Falls and is open to the public. The Primary Election is on Tuesday, June 7th 2022.

--Patriot Ripple Effect

Post Date: 2022-04-27 12:16:18Last Update: 2022-04-27 12:51:28


Doug Post Announces Candidacy for District 7 Representative
Press Release

Doug Post Announces Candidacy for District 7 Representative

Doug Post is running for South Dakota House of Representatives in District 7. Returning to Legislature, Post believes his previous experience serving on the Appropriations Committee will allow him to hit the ground running and aid in his effectiveness in the next term. In the past two years he has remained engaged with the state legislature and has helped move Pro-life issues forward as a state board member of SD Right to Life.

Doug and his wife, Ginger, have 5 children ranging from college at SDSU to kindergarten. The family has been blessed to be foster parents, which resulted in them having an opportunity to grow their family through adoption. They continue to farm and Ginger retails quality home raised beef to many in the community.

Being active in two business endeavors, Doug recognizes the strain taxes and regulation put on our small businesses and will work to lessen the burden of both. As a father he is deeply concerned with the direction society is taking in many aspects of education, sports, protection of the unborn and parental rights.

Doug would appreciate your vote in the Republican Primary June 7th
--Doug Post For HD 7

Post Date: 2022-04-20 13:13:51Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:13:44


Submitted by Patriot Ripple Effect

“If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.” ― Tom Peters

People probably think voting to Opt Out of something regarding taxes would result in NOT raising their taxes, right? WRONG! In South Dakota, it means the exact opposite. When a school board Opts Out, it is voting to “opt out” of the state funding formula that LIMITS funding INCREASES in a school district.

Okay...got that so far?

The state funding “limitation” law isn’t really a limitation. It’s more like a suggestion. The School Board says “we want to spend $X, but the state limitation is $Y, so we’re going to vote to ignore that limitation and ask the town council to pony up the extra $Z in tax levies," which they likely will because nobody in the district knows what’s going on until they get a big property tax hike. There are some regulations for the Board to follow to make this tax hike legal.

The decision to opt out must be published within ten days of the decision. It can be referred to a vote upon a petition signed by at least five percent of the registered voters in the taxing district and filed within twenty days of the first publication. (That might work in a town of a thousand people, but is unlikely to work in a city unless there is a well-oiled machine in place.) Even if the opt out IS referred to a vote and defeated, the Board may opt out again “prior to July 15 of the year prior to the year the taxes are payable.” Huh?



The links below explain the inexplicable “opt-out” process in detail. If the details seem overwhelming, it’s because they are.



Bottom line, an Opt-Out is actually opting INTO higher taxes. As inflation (8% to 9% at this writing) makes district residents poorer and they have to adjust their own budgets, school boards can increase their budgets and spending and make district residents even poorer.

Because the rules as written make a Citizen Challenge nearly impossible in a densely populated district, this effectively gives school boards the ability to raise taxes on people in their districts, and people don’t even know it’s happening.

Challenge: How can a well-oiled opt-out response machine be developed? Stay tuned…



Help Support Independent Journalism, Donate Today!

--Patriot Ripple Effect

Post Date: 2022-04-19 11:49:07Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:12:44


Cole Heisey For House District 12
Letter To The Editor

Hi, my name is Cole Heisey, and I’m running for a seat in the South Dakota House of Representatives in District 12.

I have called Sioux Falls my home for over half my life and would be proud to represent you and this great city in the SD Legislature. Sioux Falls and our state are excellent places to raise a family, pursue one’s dreams and prosper. As I’ve grown up here, I’ve learned just how special what we have here really is. That’s why it’s so important to conserve and continue our state’s legacy, while at the same time lead our state forward with integrity so as to thrive and grow responsibly, for the benefit of every citizen. There is so much potential in Sioux Falls and across South Dakota, we just need good people with the right ideas in Pierre and beyond.

Most voters are concerned with the direction of America. I have a vision that will reassure them that South Dakota remains free and prosperous, so you can focus on your family's legacy and enjoy gatherings with your friends, family and neighbors.

As a new member of the State Legislature, I will be a solid conservative voice for the people of my district. To preserve our freedoms and our South Dakotan way of life, we need strong, principled leaders willing to stand up and fight on our behalf. When elected, you can count on me to do just that. Our state, and the people of this district, are worth fighting for. I want future generations to enjoy and appreciate what we have. Among other things, that means educating our youth in the best way possible, supporting our values, and investing in our communities. Our future is bright if we properly foster the next generations and plan accordingly.



Public service has always drawn me. I strongly believe it’s our duty as citizens to better our society, in whatever way we are best suited. That’s what inspired me to run in 2020 and also serve on the boards of the Minnehaha County Republicans and SD Young Republicans, as a precinct committeeman, along with involvement in various other organizations supporting conservative Republican values. I attended O’Gorman during my formative years and later got my degree in political science at the University of South Dakota. I am proud to call SD home, to call many of you friends, and build a career and life here.

It would be an honor, not taken lightly, to serve the people of District 12. I humbly ask for your support, most importantly your vote. Keep an eye out as I’ll be attending events in the area and knocking doors; I would enjoy talking with you. This is an exciting election cycle, and I hope to meet you. Please follow me on social media and/or sign up on my contact list. See you on the campaign trail!

Help Support Independent Journalism, Donate Today!

--Cole Heisey

Post Date: 2022-04-12 15:57:10Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:11:35


Alex Hixon Speaks Out About Incumbent Tiffani Landeen
“While I’m grateful for the actions of the Board of County Commissioners, Lincoln County voters deserve a better Chairperson.”

SIOUX FALLS- Monday April 11, 2022, Candidate for Lincoln County Board of Commissioners, Alex Hixon is speaking out about his decision to run against Tiffani Landeen. Hixon, who is a business owner within the community of Sioux Falls has released the following statement

"Our community is growing exponentially, new business owners and families are staking their hopes and dreams on the freedom South Dakota represents.

"Meanwhile, we have issues plaguing our County such as inflation and skyrocketing costs of living. Tax increases are not optional, and yet increases continue to be the only option provided by current Chair Landeen. We can do better to provide solution oriented policies with cool heads and respectful decorum.



"Tiffani Landeen has a long record of inappropriate behavior, and actions that have cost taxpayers. What we witnessed last Tuesday, when Chairwoman Landeen silenced colleagues and turned a public meeting into an "us v them" situation, is unfortunately par for the course. These tactics are reminiscent of what we've seen in school board meetings across the country, as concerned parents have been thrown out, harassed and ignored, while fighting for their children. This type of behavior does not belong in local government, nor does it belong in South Dakota.

"While I'm grateful for the actions of the Board of County Commissioners, Lincoln County voters deserve a better Chairperson."

"Come June 7, 2022, voters have the ability to decide if they want to be included in their civic process, or continue with the status quo of being told to pay up, sit down, be silent, or get out," Hixon stated.


Post Date: 2022-04-11 11:27:03Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:09:40


Dennert Announces Bid For Brown County Commission
Press Release

Current State Representative Drew Dennert announced his candidacy for a position on the Brown County Commission.

“It has been a great honor to serve District 3 and the residents of Brown County in the State Legislature and I hope to continue serving Brown County as a member of the County Commission.”

If elected he will work to support the following issues

“I look forward to the opportunity to earn the support of the people of Brown County. As a Commissioner, I will work to support creating an environment where we can fund the key functions of county government while being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

During Dennert’s time in the legislature he has been a member of the Transportation and State Affairs committees as well as House Taxation where he has served as Chairman for the past two years.

Drew Dennert is a husband, father, and a sixth generation resident of Brown County. He and his wife, Ashton have a 2-year-old son and another child due this summer. Dennert is a part owner and operator on the family farm and ranch in the Columbia area.



--Press Release Drew Dennert for Brown County Commissioner

Post Date: 2022-04-05 18:32:06Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:07:51


Mark Mowry is on the ballot!
Press Release

A South Dakota AMERICA FIRST candidate for U. S. Senate 2022 Spearfish, SD: Mark Mowry has reached the qualifying number of signatures to be included in the U.S. Senate Republican primary election, June 7. This completes Step #1 of our ‘SD to DC’ campaign.

What’s the next step? I intend to do the same thing that I’ve been doing all along – talk to people everywhere about the absolute imperative to stand up and speak out at the grotesque mannerisms and abuses of politicians and regulatory powers in our federal system. I will continue to say that we can count on no one except ‘We the People’ to finally save this Republic from its enemies domestic and foreign, as I believe we are in ‘The Final Showdown’ for either maintaining a Constitutional Republic or becoming a socialist regime. Finally, I believe that our battle will only be won as we call on the name of the LORD, the Covenant-Maker and Covenant-Keeper acknowledged in our brilliant U.S. Constitution.

What should you do? You should decide where you are in this pitched battle for our nation’s destiny, then get involved. This is your nation, this is your legacy, these are your generations that are being affected by the roiling waters of anarchy and rebellion. I’m asking everyone to fight the good fight for our democracy from your own street, porch, or coffee shop. We certainly won’t win this primary trying to use the same procedures as our shrewd, financially advantaged competitors.

As you are inclined, ask the Holy Spirit to show you your role in this primary election; after all, God loves this country far beyond any of us. We are simply protecting and upholding those hard-won, stubbornly-held freedoms bestowed upon us by those who have gone before us. It is my honor and privilege to have a part in holding the line for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

America First, Mark Mowry

--For Immediate Release Contact- Paulamowry@mowryforsenate.com

Post Date: 2022-04-05 17:57:27Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:07:40


Conservative Republican Colin Paulsen Enters Race to Unseat Senator Lee Schoenbeck in District 5
“South Dakota Deserves Better Leadership”

WATERTOWN, SD Tuesday April 05, 2022—Republican challenger Colin Paulsen announces bid against Senator Lee Schoenbeck in District 5 after session's failures and diminished decorum. Paulsen is a Watertown native, veteran, and currently serves on the Watertown City Council.

Paulsen released the following statement;

"Under the failed leadership in the Senate this year, South Dakota has been left without protections for parental rights. Workforce housing was made far too political, granting the ability to expand and have more representation in Pierre to larger cities, while small rural communities were offered high interest loans. Our most vulnerable populations have been left without job protection, and our elderly with healthcare staffing deficits, just as they need care the most. Farmers and ranchers are left without certainty as energy costs skyrocket, and voters are losing confidence in the integrity of free and fair elections. These are all issues that could have been solved by good policies—common sense legislation that should have been passed by the Senate this year. Instead, these policies were either blocked or died in committee due to a lack of decorum and statesmanship.

“We have seen far too much harassment in Pierre, emboldened by the lack of accountability, and special interest funding. South Dakota deserves better leadership. We need to focus on people over profits, and taxpayers over special interest dollars. It's time the good people of District 5 had a real choice for conservative representation in the Senate. It's time to remind the people that we work for you, the voters.

"As an engineer by training and trade, I'm focused on solutions. My petitions have been certified, and I'm fired up to serve the people of Senate District 5 and this State. I will work hard to earn your trust, your vote, and to be your voice in Pierre. As of today, I’m proud to provide that choice for voters, as I announce my candidacy.

"Under God, the people rule. May God bless South Dakota"
--Press Release

Post Date: 2022-04-05 15:58:22Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:07:07


The FDA is Rushing The Approval of The COVID-19 Vaccines For Five and Under
Parents Are Watching- Protect The Kids

The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) wants to grant Emergency Use Authorization to Pfizer’s BioNTech vaccine for babies aged 6 months and children up to 5 years old, despite the lack of safety and efficacy to support its use. The only thing standing in their way are concerned parents, grandparents and citizens. Parents are watching, and it is our duty to protect the children.

Click the TAKE ACTION button to send an email to EVERY decision maker in LESS THAN 60 SECONDS!

--Susie Olsen-Corgan is an affiliate and contributing photojournalist of The Dakota Leader

Post Date: 2022-04-04 16:39:25Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:06:48


South Dakota History In The Making
Bruce Whalen Runs for US Senate

Six of the poorest counties in the nation are within the borders of South Dakota. All of them are counties that are home to American Indian Reservations, among them Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In the vastness of Badlands and high plains, the visual reminders of the poverty of a once proud people are nothing short of heartbreaking. However, the poverty is not the only claim to fame, Native Americans have the highest military enlistment rate of any ethnicity per capita in the country and there have been a few movies shot there as well. Pine Ridge Reservation and South Dakota are known for their connections to war chief Red Cloud, actor and musician Mo Brings Plenty, Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills, actor and activist Russell Means, author David Rooks, musician Buddy Red Bow and others.

The county is also known for 97% of the population living below the federal poverty line, 85%-95% unemployment rates, 60% of the homes are substandard, astronomic levels of alcohol and drug addiction, plus unbelievable crime rates. The health statistics show deaths due to heart disease twice that of their stateside counterparts, diabetes and tuberculosis rates 800 times the national average, an infant mortality rate 300% higher than anywhere else on the continent, and a teen suicide rate that by any standard is shocking. However, this environment did not limit US Senate candidate Bruce Whalen, Tatanka Ihanbla, which means “Buffalo Dreamer” in Lakota.

Bruce was raised on Pine Ridge Reservation and moved with his family to Utah at the age of 14. He served a total of 10 years in the National Guard and was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Chemical Dependency from Oglala Lakota College, where he also served as Student Senate President for two years. He has credits toward a Master's Degree from Liberty University and Oglala Lakota College. He was employed with nonprofits managing grant objectives and with the Oglala Sioux Tribe in the Executive Director's Office, auditing contracts and grant programming. He was the Law-and-Order Committee Coordinator before transferring to the tribe's Property and Supply Department as its director. There he served in two critical areas for the tribe, Procurement and Financial Management.



He resides in Pine Ridge Village where he shares his life with wife Carol, children, and grandchildren. Bruce was the South Dakota Republican Nominee for United States House of Representatives in 2006. His political involvement could not be dissuaded because of the massive government footprint on "Indian Reservations" directly contributing to tribal dependency on the federal and state governments and waste of tax dollars. Years of researching the so-called "Indian problem" led him to Congressional records and the discovery that social experiments were conducted on tribal people. Those experiments were used during WWII and now we see similar efforts rolling out across America by the powers in charge. They empower bureaucrats to rule over U.S. Citizens. Bruce believes this must stop before it becomes deeply rooted and irreversible in American life.

As a Christian, conservative and lifelong registered Republican, he worked boots on the ground to get John Thune elected in 2004. Now he is not only running against John Thune, but he is the first ever Native American to run for a US Senate seat in South Dakota. His experience in private employment and military service were a stark contrast to working in Tribal Government and as liaison to federal and state agencies. His employment with the Oglala Sioux Tribe opened his eyes to graft and corruption within tribal government that was ignored by the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs and Office of United States Attorney (SD). Bruce believes that elected representatives hold two primary duties: 1. Securing our Rights 2. Keeping the Republic. When asked why he was running against John Thune, his response struck a chord with me. He said in a very matter of fact tone of voice, “I’m not running against John Thune, I am running for the people of South Dakota”. He is the beacon we need to shine light on our voices in Washington, DC.

--Gwen D. Caldwell

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