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Intro to Ask Mare
The Dakota Leader

Hello South Dakota Readers!

Just a quick note to introduce myself –

I am the new Dakota Leader’s Editorial Columnist, Ask Mare.

Readers can ask Mare about issues, concerns, helpful hints, etc., I will try to provide an unbiased but fair reply with suggestions. I like to keep it simple and to the point with an honest yet informative viewpoint. After all, unless you are all scholars of the written word, not everyone likes to read volumes, so I will keep my replies short, but you too, please try to keep your question(s) simple and to the point as well.

Remember, my replies are only my viewpoint on a ‘perhaps-it-could-be…’ basis, but always only my personal opinion. If I cannot provide an answer, I will try to provide possibilities.



With that being said, I had one reader with a concern about the recent influx of housing sales and prices here in Sioux Falls. This one is a bit lengthy, but I was able to provide informational feedback and hoped that I answered all questions and concerns. Check it out at dakotaleader.com

Email your questions or concerns to me at: Ask@dakotaleader.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Post Date: 2022-06-08 19:00:08Last Update: 2022-06-08 16:32:26


South Dakota Primary Election Results Are In
"No" on C, Incumbents Win Majority of Votes

At 11:20pm on June 7th, 2022, the votes were finished being tallied at the Minnehaha County Commissioner’s office in Sioux Falls, with the last of the ballot boxes arriving around two hours after the polls had closed for the day. Although there were a few Democratic primaries for offices such as the state representative for District 11, the vast majority of the primary race was between established Republican incumbents and their competition. All registered voters had a say on Amendment C regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof.

Some voters expressed concern about the security of the election, sharing anecdotal experiences regarding issues that, they or people they knew, had encountered while at the polls. Some voters shared with The Dakota Leader that they're party affiliation was incorrect on their ballot, while others stated they were not being registered in the correct county when they arrived at the polls.

Minnehaha County Auditor, Ben Kyte and Secretary of State, Steve Barnett told Dakota News Now that one of the reasons for the mix-ups stemmed from recent redistricting. Eight of the ten county precincts reported that incorrect ballots had been given to voters. All totaled, twenty-one ballots were turned over to a judge, which will be decided by the election resolution board.

About 32% of registered voters participated in the June 7th primary, with more Republicans than Democrats and Independent/Unaffiliated voters combined participating.

Only 33% of voters supported Amendment C, which would have put limits on state spending and the government’s ability to raise taxes. Amendment C, if passed, would have required a supermajority vote of 60% or more for all measures that would raise taxes or require the state to spend more than $10 million. Without Amendment C, a simple majority is needed to pass such measures.



In the South Dakota gubernatorial primary, incumbent Kristi Noem won the Republican nomination with 76% of the votes. While Noem has a reputation nation-wide as a governor with a hands-off approach to to COVID-19 mitigation restrictions, her campaign webpage does not outline clearly her stance on vaccine mandates, while Haugaard’s takes a strong anti-mandate stance, stating that, “Citizens should never be compelled to receive medical treatments without their consent, or without recourse to a religious exemption or medical exemption.” Noem does take a position on “telling Biden to end his mask mandates”, but federal mask mandates for public transportation were already repealed on April 19th, while vaccine requirements have continued for many workers in South Dakota.

In the Congressional race,
Dusty Johnson won with 59% of the votes against Taffy Howard. Both candidates have a similar conservative position on issues such as securing the US border, protecting the second amendment rights of citizens, and valuing the lives of unborn children. Johnson has previously served in Congress, while Howard has spent the last five years as the Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee and focused on cutting taxes for her constituents.

John Thune won the nomination for Senator, with 72% of the votes. Bruce Whalen and Mark Mowry pulled behind at 20% and 7% of the votes. Both Whalen and Mowry have taken a strong stance on medical freedom, and Mowry’s campaign website says,

“The battle being fought is that of Globalism vs. Nationalism. Conservatives are feeling hedged in and threatened because they are seeing globalist/Marxist forces calling the order of the day. They see what it’s costing our national identity (and pocketbook!). States are also feeling the same way. That’s why we feel defiled when the government shoves a $1,400 pacifier in our mouths to suppress our objections to lock-downs and mask mandates.”

Whalen made an appearance at the Convoy to Pierre in April 2022 to speak to the attendees about his experiences fighting against mask and vaccine mandates. His background is primarily in the
private sector and tribal governance, which gives him a viewpoint different from that of a more established career politicians. Thune has held his position as U.S Senator since 2004, and is currently the Senate Minority Whip.



While many people in 2021 and the early weeks of 2022 predicted that medical freedom would be a central and contentious issue in both the 2022 midterms and the 2024 election, interest in that topic has evidently waned, as represented in these charts of how often people have searched the terms “vaccine”, “mandate”, and “covid”:

Instead, the emphasis of the news cycle around the 2022 elections has returned to a focus on issues that Americans have debated for decades, such as gun control, abortion, and even oil independence. Far from being the most discussed topic in 2022, medical freedom peaked in media coverage and general interest in January 2022 before dropping precipitously and fading into the background. The New York Times went as far as saying that, “we will forget most of the pandemic”. It is likely that many people went to the polls not thinking about which candidates would take the strongest stance against future lockdowns and other restrictions due to a strong impression that such things are already behind us forever.

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--Anna Cole, Associate Editor

Post Date: 2022-06-08 14:00:00Last Update: 2022-06-09 10:52:04


City Councilman Pat Jones Hit With Code of Conduct Complaint for “Malicious Libel”
By Anna Cole Associate Editor

On June 1st, 2022, Rapid City Councilman Patrick Jones said it was "Time To Set The Record Straight," in regards to his endorsement of former student, Ryan Mechaley for Pennington County Sheriff. In his article in the Rapid City Journal, he explains that he never intended to endorse any candidates at all, and goes on to assert that his photo had been used without permission on a mailer that Mechaley’s campaign manager Jordan Mason insisted could not be taken out of circulation before election day. Jones concluded his article by requesting that voters make an informed decision and vote on June 7th, but understand that his photo was used without permission.

On June 2nd, however, campaign manager Jordan Mason
responded by formally filing a code of conduct complaint with Rapid City, stating under oath that Jones had engaged in malicious libel against him personally and professionally by claiming that his photo had continued to circulate on a campaign mailer against his wishes.

In his complaint, Mason argues “Jones’ statement that he made ‘numerous attempts to privately resolve this matter’ with me, or to my knowledge, my client, is false. This is material to my complaint as it establishes a clear pattern of repeated false statements made by Jones in his written article about me and our interactions, and which I will show throughout this complaint.” He also included a screenshot indicating that Jones had initially agreed to support Mechaley.



Mason supports his side of the story with screenshots of email exchanges with Jones in which he attempted to resolve the issue, but explained that the first time he was made aware that Jones wished to revoke his endorsement was via a public Facebook post after the mailers were already in the possession of the United States Postal Office and could not be retrieved.

According to Mason, Jones' social media post was made prior to directly notifying either Mason or his candidate. According to the timeline, all images and mentions of Jones were promptly removed from the website, and according to Mason’s complaint, “Jones stated he understood the circumstances and his failure to notify us in time. At no time during our conversation did Jones state that he objected or had any complaint or grievance with myself, or my client.”

Mason explains in his complaint that there is evidence that Jones made fraudulent claims in his Rapid City Journal article, and that those fraudulent claims were made out of malice in order to damage his reputation and career. He concludes by saying, “I ask that the Common Council reprimand Rapid City Ward 1 Councilman Pat Jones for these reasons, and ask that a public apology be given to help clear my name of the false allegations of unethical and fraudulent professional practice that Jones has accused me of.”



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--Anna Cole Associate Editor

Post Date: 2022-06-07 21:57:51Last Update: 2022-06-09 10:20:18


Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide
It’s Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies

I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me.

The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide — or what I’ve called, clumsily but urgently, a “baby die-off” — is underway.

The WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, a group of 3000 highly credentialled doctors, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab clinicians and research scientists, have been turning out report after report, as you may know, to tell the world what is in the 55,000 internal Pfizer documents which the FDA had asked a court to keep under wraps for 75 years. By court order, these documents were forcibly disclosed. And our experts are serving humanity by reading through these documents and explaining them in lay terms. You can find all of the Volunteers’ reports on DailyClout.io.

The lies revealed are stunning.

The WarRoom/DailyClout Volunteers have confirmed: that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew by December 2020 that the MRNA vaccines did not work — that they “waned in efficacy” and presented “vaccine failure.” One side effect of getting vaccinated, as they knew by one month after the mass 2020 rollout, was “COVID.”

Pfizer knew in May of 2021 that 35 minors’ hearts had been damaged a week after MRNA injection — but the FDA rolled out the EUA for teens a month later anyway, and parents did not get a press release from the US government about heart harms til August of 2021, after thousands of teens were vaccinated. [https://dailyclout.io/pfizer-vaccine-fda-fails-to-mention-risk-of-heart-damage-in-teens/]

Pfizer (and thus the FDA; many of the documents say “FDA: CONFIDENTIAL” at the lower boundary) knew that, contrary to what the highly paid spokesmodels and bought-off physicians were assuring people, the MRNA, spike protein and lipid nanoparticles did not stay in the injection site in the deltoid, but rather went, within 48 hours, into the bloodstream, from there to lodge in the liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes, and, if you are a woman, in the ovaries. [https://dailyclout.io/internal-pfizer-documents-prove-knowledge-that-lipid-nanoparticles-in-mice-subjects-do-not-remain-in-muscle-but-were-shown-to-be-rapidly-distributed-in-the-blood-to-the-liver/]

Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew that the Moderna vaccine had 100 mcg of MRNA, lipid nanoparticles and spike protein, which was more than three times the 30 mcg of the adult Pfizer dose; the company’s internal documents show a higher rate of adverse events with the 100 mcg dose, so they stopped experimenting with that amount internally due to its “reactogenicity” — Pfizer’s words — but no one told all of the millions of Americans who all got the first and second 100 mcg Moderna dose, and the boosters.

Pfizer skewed the trial subjects so that almost three quarters were female — a gender that is less prone to cardiac damage. Pfizer lost the records of what became of hundreds of their trial subjects.

In the internal trials, there were over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1200 people died. Four of the people who died, died on the day they were injected.

Adverse events tallied up in the internal Pfizer documents are completely different from those reported on the CDC website or announced by corrupted physicians and medical organizations and hospitals. These include vast columns of joint pain, muscle pain (myalgia), masses of neurological effects include MS, Guillain Barre and Bell’s Palsy, encephaly, every iteration possible of blood clotting, thrombocytopenia at scale, strokes, hemorrhages, and many kinds of ruptures of membranes throughout the human body. The side effects about which Pfizer and the FDA knew but you did not, include blistering problems, rashes, shingles, and herpetic conditions (indeed, a range of blistering conditions oddly foreshadowing the symptoms of monkeypox).

The internal documents show that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew that angry red welts or hives were a common reaction to the PEG, a petroleum-derived allergen in the vaccine ingredients — one that you are certainly not supposed to ingest. Indeed, PEG is an allergen so severe that many people can go into anaphylactic shock if they are exposed to it. But people with a PEG allergy were not warned away from the vaccines or even carefully watched by their doctors, EpiPen in hand. They were left to their shock.

Pfizer knew that “exposure” to the vaccine was defined — in their own words - as sexual contact (especially at time of conception), skin contact, inhalation or lactation. [https://dailyclout.io/vaccine-shedding-can-this-be-real-after-all/]. ‘Fact-checkers’ can deny this all they want. The documents speak for themselves.

Of course, people who have tried to raise any of these issues have been deplatformed, scolded by the President, called insane, and roundly punished.

Athletes and college students and teenagers are collapsing on football and soccer fields. Doctors wring their hands and express mystification. But BioNTech’s SEC filing shows a fact about which the CDC and the AMA breathe not a word: fainting so violently that you may hurt yourself is one of the side effects important enough for BioNTech to highlight to the SEC.

But not to highlight to you and me.

I was able to process all of this and keep simply reporting. But in the last few weeks the horror overcame me. Because now, the Volunteers, under the excellent leadership of Program Manager Amy Kelly, have confirmed that there is a genocide underway, intentionally driven or not. And Israeli journalist Etana Hecht has added her own superb analysis. Here is Ms Hecht’s summary of the Volunteers’ findings:

It seems that there can indeed be a happenstance genocide. Reproduction itself is targeted, intentionally or not, by the mRNA vaccines. And if you know that reproduction is harmed, and babies and fetuses are harmed, and you know that this is at scale, which everyone at Pfizer and at the FDA who read these documents, knew —and if you do not stop — then does that not ultimately become a genocide?

The WarRoom/DailyClout volunteers have confirmed that lipid nanoparticles, the tiny hard fatty casings that contain the MRNA, traverse the amniotic membrane. That means that they enter the fetal environment, of course. (They also traverse the blood-brain barrier, which may help explain the post-MRNA vaccination strokes and cognitive issues we are seeing). The Volunteers have drilled deep into the Pfizer documents’ reports about pregnancy and found that the assurance that the vaccine is “safe and effective” for pregnant women, was based on a study of 44 French rats, followed for 42 days (the scientists who ran the study are shareholders or employees of BioNTech). [https://dailyclout.io/covid-19-vaccines-pregnancy-risky-business/]

The Volunteers found that while pregnant women were excluded from the internal studies, and thus from the EUA on which basis all pregnant women were assured the vaccine was “safe and effective”, nonetheless about 270 women got pregnant during the study. More than 230 of them were lost somehow to history. But of the 36 pregnant women whose outcomes were followed - 28 lost their babies.



The Volunteers found that a baby died after nursing from a vaccinated lactating mother, and was found to have had an inflamed liver. Many babies nursing from vaccinated mothers showed agitation, gastrointestinal distress, and failure to thrive (to grow), and were inconsolable.

I am hearing anecdotal reports of these symptoms in babies nursing from vaccinated mothers, now, from across the country.

The Pfizer documents also show that some vaccinated mothers had suppressed lactation, or could produce no milk at all.

Doctors, of course, are stumped by all this. Stumped.

The NIH database has a preprint study making the case that there are negligible amounts of PEG in the breast milk of vaccinated women. [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8351783/]

But what is a negligible amount of a petroleum product in mother’s milk, when you are a tiny newborn with no immunities, just arriving in the world? The NIH preprint itself reported higher levels of GI distress and sleeplessness in the infants studied, and one mother had elevated PEG levels in breast milk, and the fine print concludes that more study is needed:

“Larger studies are needed to increase our understanding of transfer of PEG into human milk, and potential effects after ingestion by the infant. Although expert consensus states there is minimal or no potential risk for the infant from maternal COVID-19 vaccination(20,21), the minor symptoms that were reported (sleep changes and gastrointestinal symptoms) could be further investigated in future studies to determine if they are related to vaccination.”

Since no babies died in the brief time frame of the tiny study, the study concluded that nursing babies suffered no real ill effects from vaccinated mothers. But the study did not follow these poor babies, with their acknowledged sleeplessness and their confirmed GI distress, to see if they actually “thrived” — gained weight and developed normally.

On such faulty science were women assured that the vaccines were “safe and effective” for them and their nursing babies.

But — four of the lactating vaccinated women in the Pfizer documents reported “blue-green” breast milk. I am not making this up. And the nursing baby who died, with an inflamed liver — the case has been buried; has not made headlines.

Coincidentally — or not — the SAME FDA that turned a blind eye to vast harms to humans, and to the subcategory of moms and babies, in the Pfizer documents, declared that Abbot, a major producer of baby formula in the US, had to close its factory. [https://www.cnbc.com/2022/05/16/abbott-reaches-agreement-with-fda-to-reopen-baby-formula-plant-to-ease-nationwide-shortage.html]

Coincidentally, with little formula available and with some or many (we don’t know) vaccinated moms having compromised breast milk, it turns out that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg have all invested in a startup called "BioMilq” — which produces lab grown breast milk from mammary cells. [https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/16/biomilq-raises-3point5-million-from-bill-gates-investment-firm.html]. Reports of this startup include this Frankenstein-like language as if this is normal: “The BIOMILQ team creates its product from cells taken from human breast tissue and milk, donated by women in the local community, who get a Target giftcard in return.” [https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/03/business/lab-grown-human-milk-biomilq-health-climate-hnk-spc-intl/index.html]

As if all of this is not horrific enough, Ms Hecht drew studies from three countries — Canada, Scotland and now Israel - -to show that babies are dying disproportionately, during and after 2021, in highly vaccinated countries, and that newborns are dying disproportionately if they have vaccinated mothers versus unvaccinated mothers.

In highly vaccinated Scotland, almost twice the number of babies died in 2021 as died in baseline numbers. [https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19726487.investigation-launched-abnormal-spike-newborn-baby-deaths-scotland/]. In Ontario, Canada, 86 babies died in 2021, versus a baseline of four or five; this was a baby die-off so severe that a brave Parliamentarian brought the issue to Parliament. [https://nonvenipacem.com/2021/12/10/explosive-rise-in-ontario-stillbirths-triggers-parliamentary-questions/].

In Israel, at RamBam Hospital in Haifa, there were 34% more spontaneous abortions and stillbirths to vaccinated women as to unvaccinated women.

Ms Hecht also notes that menstrual dysregulation in vaccinated women is fully confirmed now by many studies, with an average of one extra day of bleeding a month (a side effect about which I warned about in March of 2021, which in turn got me called names by a CNN commentator and permanently deplatformed from Twitter).

You don’t have to know more than eighth grade biology to know that a dysregulated menstrual cycle, not to mention spike protein accumulating in the ovaries, not to mention the traversing of the bodies’ membranes, including the amniotic sac, by tiny hard fatty lipid nanoparticles, not to mention PEG in breast milk, is all going to affect fertility, fetal health, childbirth, and babies’ GI wellbeing or distress, and thus their ability or failure to thrive (let alone to bond).

And now, the babies are dying. Now scale the data from Canada, Scotland and Israel to all the vaccinated nations in the world.

What do we do with all of this?

Knowing as I now do, that Pfizer and the FDA knew that babies were dying and mothers’ milk discoloring by just looking at their own internal records; knowing as I do that they did not alert anyone let alone stop what they were doing, and that to this day Pfizer, the FDA and other demonic “public health” entities are pushing to MRNA-vaccinate more and more pregnant women; now that they are about to force this on women in Africa and other lower income nations who are not seeking the MRNA vaccines, per Pfizer CEO Bourla this past week at the WEF, and knowing that Pfizer is pushing and may even receive a US EUA for babies to five year olds — I must conclude that we are looking into an abyss of evil not seen since 1945.

So I don’t know about you, but I must switch gears with this kind of unspeakable knowledge to another kind of discourse.

I am not saying that this is exactly like finding evidence of Dr Mengele’s experiments; but I am saying, with these findings, that now the comparison may not be that excessive. These anti-humans at Pfizer, speaking at the WEF; these anti-humans at the FDA; knowing what they know; are targeting the miraculous female body, with its ability to conceive, gestate, birth and nurture life. They are targeting the female body’s ability to sustain a newborn human being with nothing but itself. They are targeting the amniotic membrane, the ovaries that release the ovum, they are targeting the lymph and blood that help support the building up of mother’s milk, they are targeting the fetus in utero, helpless.

They are targeting the human fetus’ very environment, one of the most sacred spaces on this earth, if not the most sacred.

And they know it.

I don’t know about you, and I am not proselytizing, but as you may know if you read me here, these apocalyptic days, I turn to prayer. I have started to say in public, once I had to face the fact of the die-off of the babies, that this is a Biblical time; and I mean Old Testament Biblical.

It is a time like that of the construction of the Tower of Babel — of massive arrogance against divine plans. Men such Bill Gates tamper with and seek to outdo God’s best works in lab after lab, and Tech Bros “disrupt” the human competition for their unsought-after goods and services, by targeting human processes and by ruining the bodies made in the image of God.

It is a time like that when the ten plagues assailed the Egyptians in Exodus 11:4-6:

“4 So Moses said, “This is what the Lord says: ‘About midnight I will go throughout Egypt.5 Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn son of the female slave, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well. 6 There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again. 7”

This was the worst plague of all, the slaying of the firstborn.

It is a time of ha-Satan — Satan — “going to and fro in the earth, and […] walking up and down in it”, as Job 2 describes him.

It is a time of demons sauntering around in human spaces, though they look human enough themselves, smug in their Italian suits on panels at the World Economic Forum.



Ha-Satan - and his armies: ruining the conception, the milk, the menses, the touch, the cradling of the infant by its mother, ruining the feeding of the infant; ruining the babies themselves.

I read the Prophets a lot these days — because how could I not? I am looking for what writer Annie Lamott called “Operating Instructions.” What do you do when humanity itself is threatened? When there are professional battalions and bureaucratic departments of people who act with anathema toward the human race?

Surely there must be a clue.

So I reread the story of Noah, and the Book of Esther, a lot these days; I reread Jeremiah.

We’ve been here before. Embarrassingly often, when it comes to that.

The story is always the same, at least in the Hebrew Bible (in the New Testament, of course, God skips to the end and upends the plot).

At least in the Hebrew Bible, God is always trying to get our attention, always, it seems, simply asking us just to walk alongside him; simply asking us to keep his not--too-challenging commandments; not, indeed, asking a lot.

Jeremiah 1:13:

“ The word of the Lord came to me again: “What do you see?”

“I see a pot that is boiling,” I answered. “It is tilting toward us from the north.”

14 The Lord said to me, “From the north disaster will be poured out on all who live in the land. 15 I am about to summon all the peoples of the northern kingdoms,” declares the Lord.

“Their kings will come and set up their thrones in the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem; they will come against all her surrounding walls and against all the towns of Judah. 16 I will pronounce my judgments on my people because of their wickedness in forsaking me, in burning incense to other gods and in worshiping what their hands have made.”

In the Hebrew Bible, anyway, the math is simple. We turn, we listen, and we are saved; or we carry on heedlessly, worshipping what our own hands have made, sluts to other gods — to “the science,” to media lies; to the narcissism of convention, these days, one might say — and thus we are lost.

We have been nearly lost, time after time after time.

This time could really be the last time; these monsters in the labs, on the transnational panels, are so very skillful; and so powerful; and their dark work is so extensive.

If God is there — again — after all the times that we have tried his patience — and who indeed knows? - will we reach out a hand to him in return, will we take hold in the last moment out of this abyss, and simply find a way somehow to walk alongside him?

Or will we this time, in losing the babies, and heedlessly carrying on nonetheless — be truly lost ourselves?

This article was graciously provided by Dr Naomi Wolf, with permission to re-publish in-full to The Dakota Leader. All rights are reserved by Dr Wolf, any any further re-publication efforts must be pre-approved by the author.

Please subscribe to Dr Naomi Wolf's Substack found HERE.

--Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf

Post Date: 2022-06-06 23:46:36Last Update: 2022-06-06 13:38:43


Medical Freedom Guide To The 2022 Primary Election

If vaccine mandates, patient privacy, and health freedom in general are important issues to you as a voter, Stand For Health Freedom has just released their 2022 primary voter guide. Take a closer look HERE

--Stand For Health Freedom

Post Date: 2022-06-06 13:12:50Last Update: 2022-06-06 13:40:20


In Remembrance of The Tienanmen Square Massacre
Support Platforms For Freedom

Good morning,

Today, June 04, 2022 marks the 33rd Anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre. Thousands of student demonstrators were killed as they stood united, against the Chinese Communist Party, in its tyrannical, and genocidal occupation of Tibet.

We would like to take a moment to thank those who continue to fight to Free Tibet, and to those who fight to preserve freedom and human rights' world-wide.

Above all, we remember the man who stood before line of tanks, begging for peace. We remember the tank operator who refused to run down his fellow man, and the unity they shared as fellow countrymen, if only for a moment. That image will remain forever etched in our memories, as a powerful example to humanity.

Regardless of whether one is standing in front of a tank, or behind the wheel of one, we all have a choice. Our actions today will define our future, and generations to come. As we stand at this cross-road, and face down a proverbial line of tanks, let us remember it only takes one person to stand up and do the right thing.

Today, as we remember those who were robbed of justice, and their sacrifice, we must carry-on their fight by standing up for freedom of speech, not just on-line, but world-wide.

Make the stand with us today! If you haven't already, please sign up, and consider a monthly donation.

Thank you,

Brought to you by The Dakota Leader, in partnership with GETTR



Post Date: 2022-06-04 08:00:00Last Update: 2022-06-06 13:40:49


Gov. Noem Promises to Defend Girls’ Sports, Sue Biden Administration

June 2, 2022

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem promised to defend fairness in girls’ sports from an attack by the Biden Administration. The Biden U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is threatening funding for the federal school lunch program and other Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dollars if schools and other entities do not adopt a false interpretation of Title IX.

“President Biden is holding lunch money for poor Americans hostage in pursuit of his radical agenda. He is insisting that we allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports or else lose funding for SNAP and school lunch programs,” said Governor Kristi Noem. “South Dakota will continue to defend basic fairness so that our girls can compete and achieve. I would remind President Biden that we have defeated him in litigation before and are ready to do so again. Mr. President, we’ll see you in court.”

Earlier this year, Governor Noem signed the strongest legislation in the country to protect fairness in women’s sports.

Governor Noem previously promised, “[President Biden] see you in court” over the OSHA vaccine mandate, which the United States Supreme Court struck down this past January.

--Office of The Governor

Post Date: 2022-06-03 16:44:49


An Angry Native South Dakotan Asks Mare, “Why Are So Many People Moving Here and Driving Up Costs?”

Dear Ask Mare,

“I am a South Dakota citizen, been here all my life. I am upset because of all these California people are moving here and now our housing prices have gone up. Our population was around 880,000, and now it’s 1M +. What the heck is going on and why are they coming here? My family is growing, and I can’t upgrade our home because the houses are being sold for cash and no one is able to pick a place and buy it. So crazy. Our prices for groceries and gas have gone up, and I blame it all on CA people. Go home!” Signed- Angry In SoDak.

Dear Angry In SoDak,

Thank you for Asking Mare. Let's begin with your first question, "what in the heck is going on?"

Could it be because these Californian’s have been watching in horror as their once beautiful cities like San Francisco became an outdoor toilet and sidewalk drug house? Illegal entry from desperate citizens of third-world countries were allowed in without being vetted. Hardened criminals started bringing in harsh drugs and getting kids hooked on them, and the US government, residing in San Francisco, just seemed to turn a blind eye.

If you'll remember, the Governor of California said there was no more water, rip out your lawn and stop watering – and then fires broke out, burning all remaining vegetation, triggering mud-slides. Neither a water shortage, nor such severe fires had ever happened to this degree in the history of CA.

During COVID-19, citizens could not go to church because churches were considered "non-essential," while porn shops, CBC shops, and strip clubs were allowed to remain open, because those were considered essential.

Without borders, taxpaying citizens took a back seat, and thanks to expanded single-payer health like Medicaid, waiting a month or two just to see a physician became the norm. All of which increased the demands on hospitals and emergency visits, mid-pandemic. Meanwhile, state agencies like the DMV were closed, forcing people to wait four-five months to get an appointment, while costs increased 50 percent or more, on basic licensing taxes and insurance.

The California middle-class, once Democratic voters, turned Republican Conservatives as the parties shifted. Many, outraged to see their once beautiful state from ocean, to mountains, to desert, to national parks, burning and crumbling before their eyes, while drugs infiltrated their shorelines and cities, vowed to never again, vote for the same failed policies.

"Why are some Californians moving to South Dakota you ask?" Because these folks are the middle-class Americans that still honor the morals, ethics, and values of ‘We the People,’ the Constitution of the United States and believing that South Dakotans did too, had sparks of hope for a continued life of ‘freedom’ - a thing that was once a guarantee in this country, but is now slowly giving way to taxes and regulations, under the guise of "safety" and "equity".

Could it also be that SD has seen a surge in new citizens because Governor Kristi Noem went on conservative TV news networks in 2021, inviting citizens to, “come to South Dakota?” Or perhaps because South Dakota has recently been in the news for being a tax-haven, which protects billionaires, hiding trillions in financial securities, similar to the Cayman Islands? Perhaps it’s the billionaires from other countries that are coming to SD and buying up the housing, rather than just Californians?

Seems wherever these people are coming to South Dakota from, they had to make a life-changing decision. Those holding out hope for freedom, chose what they thought would be, the last bastion of freedom. Leaving was hard and costly, but necessary to escape 45%+ taxes on gas, food, property, income, and what is left of the resources available like water and electricity.



California, as many other states have, watched as thousands of middle-class families fled. They arrived at their new destinations with money to spend and hopes of remaining free, while no longer feeling afraid of their own government.

Sadly, they are not feeling welcomed. Instead they are blamed for the increased housing prices, which has very little to do with how they paid for their new home, i.e cash or loan, and more to do with inflation and supply issues.

The simple fact is, housing was going to increase in cost regardless of the population size. The silver lining is that cash buyers have infused our local economies with new revenue and have actually helped to stabilize our market. Because of the steady real-estate market, you now have more equity in your own home.

So, what can you do? Rejoice!

Thanks to refugees from other states, and even other countries, you now have more options. Rather than complain, maybe call your bank and see if you can use the equity in your home, to buy a second home as a rental! If your concerns are centered around housing, find out what you can do to be part of the solution.

You never know, that new neighbor might just end up becoming your life-saving best friend. You probably have much more in common than you know. So rather than be angry, help them to get settled into your neighborhood proudly, and enjoy living in the 'home of the free, and land of the brave.'

Because, let's face it, you have to be pretty darn brave to want to leave sunny California to seek freedom in freezing, inclement, inhospitable South Dakota.

Be the solution, be the sunshine!

Yours Truly,


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While The House Fought Hard to Keep South Dakota Open, Members of The Senate And Lt Gov. Larry Rhoden Partied...
TDL Has The FULL Transcript Of The Leaked Back Room Deal!

On March 30, 2020, the state of South Dakota experienced the longest day in legislative history. As former Speaker Of The House, turned Gubernatorial candidate Steve Haugaard tells it, "I got there at 6am, like I do every day, gaveled in at 11am and didn't gavel out until 3:40am the following morning."

It was veto day, and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The house, under Speaker Haugaard, had received a litany of bills at the request of the Governor that would have closed down businesses, schools, and shopping centers, essentially making South Dakota indistinguishable from any other state during that time. Twenty-nine lawmakers however, stood in the Governor's way, and prevented the bills from moving forward, towards enforceable law. During this time, as house members debated furiously, and eventually killed each bill, members of the senate's leadership and Noem's Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden, were drinking heavily at a house party, hosted by the South Dakota State Medical Association's lobbyist, Dean Krogman.

Krogman, who has a sordid history, is the chief lobbyist of the SDSMA, and the ICBSD (Independent Community Bankers of South Dakota), both of which have PACs currently targeting the very same twenty-nine lawmakers who stopped state closures, and have since passed various conservative bills.

Representative Spencer Gosch (R-Mobridge) was the Speaker Of The House during the 2022 legislative session, and is now running for the senate in district 23. Gosch, who has been outspoken on human rights' issues and amongst the twenty-nine, is now facing a well funded challenger in Bryan Breitling. Breilting's donors include SDSMA, ICBSD, Senate President Pro Tempore Lee Schoenbeck (R- Watertown) and Gov. Kristi Noem. This appears to be par for the course with all twenty-nine members of the house, and several senators, who stood in the way of COVID-19 related restrictions, and lock-downs.

Ironically, Gov. Noem then signed multiple executive orders (not enforceable law) directing all agencies and residents to abide by CDC guidelines, right before she and Lt. Gov. Rhoden plane hopped at taxpayer expense, to fund-raise as "The Governor Who Never Closed Her State."

Meanwhile, those who actually kept the state open, are not only finding that their primary challengers are
in bed with (literally and figuratively) big pharma special interest groups, like those of which Dean Krogman lobbies on behalf of, but they have also found their way on to Sen. Lee Schoenbeck's "hit-list," to be removed from office.




The events that occurred on March 30, 2020 are largely unknown to the people of South Dakota. Few understand what happened, the gravity of the situation, or how senate leadership swept it all under the rug...Until now.

Bob Mercer of KELO news has touched on the issue from time to time, but the full story, in context has remained fairly quiet in the media. Cory Allen Heidelberger, of Dakota Free Press, is the first to fully explain the events of March 30, 2020 in context. Regardless of implied or explicit political bias, Heidelberger has, for many years now, filled the gaps by disclosing the facts omitted within South Dakota's mainstream media reports.

Heildelberger's May 15, 2022 report entitled,
"Leaked Caucus Transcript Shows Investigation of Drunk Senators Was 'Sham Committee' with Outcome Prearranged by Jackley, Bolin, and Rusch," takes the first crack at connecting all the dots.

The Dakota Leader now releases the full transcript of the leaked senate caucus meeting, along with a rough time-line of events.

March 30, 2020 "Veto Day" - While the house was in session, Senators Kris Langer, Brock Greenfield and Lt Gov. Larry Rhoden drank heavily at Dean Krogman's house-party.

- When the senate was called back into session, various reports indicate that Sen. Langer was seen barefoot in room 413, the senate's base of operation during the session. Bob Mercer of Kelo News wrote of Sen. Langer, "Her diction was loose, her walk unsteady."

- Upon seeing the behavior and intoxication of Langer, Greenfield and Rhoden, a report was made from the house to senators attending remotely.

- Sen. Phil Jensen, appearing remotely, brought up the issue and requested an immediate hearing.

- Larry Rhoden, who is the Senate President, used a procedural move to discredit the validity of Senator Jensen's request, as he was appearing remotely and unable to submit a request in writing.

- Moments later, Speaker Haugaard submitted a written request for a hearing, typed up by Sen. Phil Jensen.

- Rhoden took a vote to determine if the senate body should have a hearing in the last hours of the legislative session, in order to handle the apparent
violation of the senate decorum rules.

- The hearing request was voted down at that time.

Sometime later, the issue was brought up again before the senate. Little is known about this time-frame, but as a result the two senators who imbibed on veto day, hired former Attorney General Marty Jackley, to arrange an agreement on their behalf. Lt. Rhoden was never brought up for disciplinary action, though it is alleged on the last page of the transcript that Rhoden returned to the party after the session ended, and was somehow involved in an arrest.

What the public was never made aware of, until recently, is that Marty Jackley worked with Senators Jim Bolin (R-Canton) and Art Rusch (R-Vermillion) to pre-arrange an admonition and apology, prior to taking the matter up with the republican senate caucus, rather than the senate at large.

In the wake of this event, Lee Schoenbeck was named Senate President Pro Tempore, taking the place of Senator Greenfield. It's unknown if this promotion was part of a side deal between Lt. Gov. Rhoden, Marty Jackley, and Lee Schoenbeck. Political insiders, however, have expressed concerns that Schoenbeck may have been given the position after agreeing to whip votes during the senate caucus meeting, in an effort to "stack" the disciplinary committee. As Schoenbeck stated during the caucus meeting, transcribed below,

"Okay. Let me say, the work you guys -- it's a great way to avoid a full pile of embarrassment for a lot of (unintelligible). But the way to fix it, Jeff is describing it, we should vote on a motion to appoint five Caucus members who will support the Bolin-Rusch recommendation for apology and admonition. Because we also don't want five people, any of the five that want to open it back up to some other Donny Brook (phonetic). That's the motion we should vote on. And if a majority of us accept that, then we complied with E-Board (unintelligible)."

The following is the full, unabridged transcript of the senate republican caucus meeting-

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--Breeauna Sagdal- Health and Policy Journalist for The Dakota Leader

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“Vote YES on Amendment C – 2022”
Letter to The Editor By John Mills, Representative District 4 (candidate for District 8 House)

During this primary campaign season the question I have heard most is “What is up with Amendment C?” People are confused. I agree the ads we hear are confusing.

For me there are 3 reasons to vote YES on Amendment C:

First – the legislature voted in support of this amendment and put it on the ballot. Why? Legislators recognize that out-of-state money has increasingly been used to influence, confuse and manipulate voters, and so they approved this measure as an additional safeguard to help keep taxes low.

Second – The proposed change makes it harder to raise taxes. The Title of the act says what we need to know. It reads; ”A Constitutional Amendment Requiring Three-Fifths Vote for Approval of Ballot Measures Imposing Taxes or Fees or Obligating over $10 Million.” That’s pretty simple. If approved, Amendment C would require 60% of voters to pass a new tax or fee. We already have higher thresholds like this to raise taxes for a school or municipal bond, and we have an even higher bar, requiring a 67% vote of legislators, to raise a tax or fee. It makes sense to have that same protection for other taxes and fees that can be voted on.

Third – The old adage “follow the money” says a lot on this one. Finance reports just became public this past week. They show that the 'vote no' contributors are a handful of organizations from Washington DC, and large non-profit corporations who contributed a combined total of $1.5 Million. Money they have been using to flood the airwaves and fill our mailboxes in an attempt to confuse us. Isn’t it interesting that these groups, who want it as easy as possible to raise taxes in South Dakota – don’t pay taxes in South Dakota?!!

I hope you will join me and vote YES on Amendment C.

--Rep. John Mills (R-Madison)

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South Dakota State Senator Sends Letter To SD 25 Constituents, Disclosing Lisa Rave’s Conflicts of Interest
Urging Voters To Follow The Money...

A letter was sent to the republican voters of South Dakota's district 25, which sits just outside of Sioux Falls. State Senator Marsha Symens (R-SD25), discloses that the conflicts of interest for candidate Lisa Rave, and her familial ties to the pharmaceutical industry are too immense for her to remain silent.

Political insiders tell The Dakota Leader that the state's response to COVID-19 has likely placed a sizable target on the faction of lawmakers who fought to uphold the rights' of the people, during the pandemic restrictions. Representative Tom Pischke (R-Dell Rapids), is one of those lawmakers who spoke out, loudly protesting lock-downs, while aiding efforts to keep South Dakota open. Pischke now faces off with a well funded Lisa Rave, for the Senate seat of district 25. Senator Marsha Symens outlines Rave's familial ties, and funding sources in the letter below, obtained by The Dakota Leader for publication.

The letter is published in full, and reads as follows;

"Greetings My Fellow District 25 Republicans,

"Due to the many misleading mailings we have received regarding the candidates, I felt compelled to share with you what I know regarding the candidates running for the Senate in the upcoming June 7th primary. It is why I ran for office in the first place.

"In August 2020, I was asked to run for the Senate seat vacated by Sen. Langer's resignation because the "establishment-picked replacement" posed an enormous conflict of interest; that replacement's husband and son are lobbyists in Pierre.

"The replacement was to be Lisa Rave - a solid voice for BIG healthcare / BIG pharmacy organizations and all the lobbyists.

"Instead, the nominating committee selected me as the better candidate. It is election time and Lisa Rave is running again. Only this time, you, the voters of District 25, get to have your say in voting for the candidate you deem better suited to represent us which is why I am writing to you. You need to know what she is not telling you.

"There are several legislators who have their hearts in the right place, and want to represent the citizens of our great state. Lisa Rave, however, has not been forthcoming as to her connections in Pierre to SDAHO (South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations) which employs her husband, while her son lobbies for Sanford. The former Senator/Representative husband turned lobbyist could improperly influence Lisa Rave regarding legislation that impacts their industry. Will Lisa Rave vote for the best interests of people of our district, or for the best interests of the industry that her family lobbies for?

"The conflicts of interest posed by Lisa Rave are too immense to remain silent.

"Also, the two lobbyists, the father/son duo, have worked hard to kill legislation that would protect children from dangerous gender altering procedures and hormone blockers. They have also lobbied against legislation that would protect against vaccine and mask mandates.

"Tim Rave and their son, Mitch, lobby for the financial interests of the medical institutions in our state, not the best interest of its residents.

"We also received a postcard calling for the "draining of the swamp". The irony of that card is that it targeted four legislators; two being freshmen legislators. In my opinion, the swamp consists of career politicians which funded and created those negative mailers.

"Due to redistricting, District 25 changed dramatically, combining 5 sitting legislators into one district. This was an attempt to push out solid Conservative legislators that do not vote the way the establishment would like. We need a strong candidate to beat a well-funded ($33,000 at present), highly powerful group behind the push for the lobbyist's wife. That same group wants to silence the legislators who do not feel the government should be able to force you to wear a mask, force you to take a vaccine, and vote to spend your hard-earned taxpayer dollars on every pet project that the lobbyists want.

"What I know about Heinneman and Crisp is limited. They have been in the legislature before and decided to run again. Check out their voting records to see if they are the candidate for you.

"Currently, Tom Pischke is the incumbent who voted for your freedoms to prevent mask and vaccine mandates. He voted against proposed legislation that would have locked down the State. He supports the Convention of States resolution to impose term limits on Congress; he fully supports our 2nd Amendment rights; and fights hard for the communities in our District. Tom has “A” ratings from Family Heritage Alliance Action, Americans for Prosperity, South Dakota Gun Owners Association and the National Rifle Association. He also boasts a perfect 100% voting record from South Dakota Right to Life for his entire Legislative career in the House. On top of that, he has one of the most Conservative voting records in the entire Legislature according to South Dakota Citizens for Liberty and American Conservative Union. I am asking you to be informed of your choice of representation, as it matters more than ever.

"Tom Pischke has my support because I know him to be a conservative voice for the citizens of our district and our state. Join me and get out and vote June 7th.

"Best Regards,

"Senator Marsha Symens

"Paid for by Marsha Symens for Senate. Not paid for at taxpayer expense."

--Senator Marsha Symens (R-SD25)

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OP-ED “The Looming Energy Catastrophe”
A must see energy literacy briefing video for every driver being ripped off at the gas pumps.



Please enjoy and share this educational energy literacy briefing, a 5-minute video by Costa Mesa Brief at a California Chevron gas station. The video talks about the outrageous gas prices and tells us what is behind the increases, where it is heading and what, if anything, we can do about it. I think you will find his no-nonsense approach and perspective unique, sobering and very informative.

The video explains the impact on fuel prices from California government-imposed reductions in the supply chain of crude oil has increased imported crude oil from foreign countries from 5 percent in 1992 to more than 60 percent today of total consumption, and Biden’s pledge that “we are going to get rid of fossil fuels” is impacting fuel prices.

At today’s price of crude oil well above $100 per barrel the imported crude oil costs California more than $150 million dollars a day, yes, every day, being paid to oil-rich foreign countries, depriving Californians of jobs and business opportunities, and drivers to pay premium prices for fuel.

Californians are consuming more than 50 million gallons of fuel daily for its 35 million vehicles which is slightly more than one gallon per day per vehicle.

Californians continue to pay more than
$1.00 more per gallon of fuel than the rest of the country primarily for the State, Federal and Local taxes, and the Government environmental compliance programs such as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), Cap and Trade, Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), and the Underground Storage Tax. Those costs ‘dumped” onto the posted price at the pump are not transparent to the public.

As renewable energy is only intermittent electricity from breezes and sunshine as NEITHER wind turbines nor solar panels can manufacture anything for society. Climate change may impact humanity but being mandated to live without the more than
6,000 products and the various fuels manufactured from oil will necessitate lifestyles being mandated back to the horse and buggy days of the 1800’s. Life without oil could be the greatest threat to civilization’s eight billion residents, resulting in billions of fatalities from diseases, malnutrition, and weather-related deaths.

Also manufactured from the supply of crude oil, to meet the demands of the economy, are the fuels to move the heavy-weight and long-range needs of more than 50,000 jets for the military, commercial, private, and the President’s Air Force One, and the more than 50,000 merchant ships that move products throughout the world.

When the public continues to demand increasing needs for the transportation fuels and the products made from crude oil, limiting the supply of oil by governments and the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) movement to manufacture those items is a guarantee for today’s shortages and inflation.

 Ronald Stein Pulitzer Prize nominated author and
Policy advisor for The Heartland Institute on Energy http://www.energyliteracy.net/ 

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--By Ronald Stein Ambassador for Energy and Infrastructure, Irvine, California

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